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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who sits on the Board of Directors?

  • The RSCA Board of Directors is comprised of seven members. Five of the members are appointed and are members of the First Baptist Church of Okeechobee. The remaining two are elected parent members. The elected members may serve for two consecutive term of two years each upon unanimous approval of the appointed Board members.

Our current members are: Kara Butts (appointed) Chairperson, Megan Williamson (appointed) Vice Chairperson, Mickey Bandi (appointed), Kyle Walker (appointed, Colleen Larson (appointed), Cassandra Stokes (elected), and Pastor Mark McCarter (ex-officio member)

Q: How often do they meet?

  • The Board typically meets once a month, usually on a Thursday. These meetings may be moved to different days depending on extenuating circumstances and/or Board availability

Q: Where and what time do they meet?

  • Board meetings take place on campus. For the location of the meeting room, see Joy Yates. The meetings start times may be changed but usually they start at 5:00 pm.

Q: Are meetings open to the public?

  • Yes.

Q: May I join in on Board Discussions?

  • If you would like to be heard at a RSCA Board meeting, please contact Joy Yates to be added to the agenda. You will be recognized by the Chairperson at the proper time and may then voice your thoughts. All other Board discussion is for Board Members only. Our members freely give their time to serve on this Board thus we strive to keep meetings efficient and succinct.

The RSCA Board values the input of parents, teachers, and staff; however, there are proper channels for resolving issues that may arise. Please see the code of conduct that you signed, when choosing to partner with RSCA in any capacity, for guidance on resolution of conflict.